LPW at The Printing Museum in Lodi

LPW settled in Leoncavallo in 2014 and became the base for our annual, collaborative artist residency. But there has always been another space which has played a very special, and important role in LPW.  That is the Printing Museum in Lodi. Luigi Lanfossi is one of the people who helps run the museum and […]

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Letterpress Workers 2020

The Canary Islands to Leipzig & back again

A letterpress diary … … … After a summer without our annual LPW pilgrimage to Milan, it was a relief and a delight to be offered the opportunity meet up and work again with fellow letterpress printers in Leipzig (Germany). With the global impact of Covid-19 I had not been able to leave the Canary […]

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Letterpress Workers - Leipzig

From Futura to the Future

Letterpress Workers travel to Leipzig (Germany) Discovering international typography – an exhibition and letterpress workshop. The global impact of Covid-19 has resulted in a massive reduction of international travel. A valuable change in terms of reductions in carbon emissions and pollutants but negative in relation to the cultural enrichment that travel affords. One annual journey […]

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United in Isolation

United in Isolation – An online Letterpress Festival

Over a ten-week period letterpress workshops across the globe threw open their doors and invited anyone who may be interested in for a ‘private view’ of their studios. To look at their collections, to see their work and the things which influence and inspire them. This was to become ‘series one’ of the ‘United in […]

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Working at Tipoteca

At the end of September 2017, a group of friends from the letterpress world met up in Cornuda (Italy) to work together at the Tipoteca Italiana Fundazione. During the week, I kept a diary that I posted on social media. Here is a slightly edited version of it. Monday 18 September Most of us spent […]

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