Letterpress Workers 2024


Thursday 4 July

Letterpress People (6:30 pm)
Surprise designers will present their workshops, their work and their designs. A way to get your hands dirty without danger.

Friday 5 July

Print Projects (6:30 pm)
Different projects related to typography and printing. We don’t precisely know what they will be yet, but you certainly won’t fall asleep in your chair.

Saturday 6 July

Typetour (11 am)
A guided tour to learn more about typography and have a chat with designers.
With Lucio Passerini

Hannibal Letters (6 pm)
Dauntaun: the walls that were there, the first pieces,
their stories. Come and get to know the real underground.

Auction (6:30 pm)

Dinner by La Terra Trema


Leoncavallo Spa
via Watteau, 7 Milano

Visitors are welcome Thursday to Friday 6 pm to 9 pm, Saturday 11 am to 9 pm
There will be a small bookstore. Letterpress prints from around the world for sale directly from the people who made them!

Letterpress Workers is organized by Pagina Mastro in collaboration with Museo della stampa e stampa d’arte in Lodi, and under the patronage of Aiap.




  • Belgium: David Maurissen, Marie Vandevoorde
  • Brazil: Marcos Mello
  • Finland: Edward Johansson
  • France: Martial Roulot
  • Germany: Marc Berger, Julienne Jattiot, Manfred Makowski, Thomas Siemon, Lilith Zachwieja (+ 2 coworkers)
  • Italy: Paolo Cabrini, Cartiera Clandestina, Luigi Lanfossi, Claudio Madella, Lucio Passerini, Giulia Poli
  • Japan: Mitsunobu Hosoyama
  • Netherlands: Eva Lebens, Rozemarijn Oudejans, Tiny Risselada, Anik See, Niek Smaal, Sander Pinkse
  • Poland: Tymoteusz Tryzno (+ 2 coworkers)
  • Spain: Matthias Beck
  • UK: Mike Ainsworth, Richard Ardagh, Carl Middleton, Luise Valentiner
  • USA: David Carson