LPW Type Pie

Recipe for a 24 cm cake tin approx. Pasta frolla (shortcrust pastry): 90 g butter 45 g margarine 1 zested orange peel 270 g flour 115 g sugar 4 egg yolks 1 tbs port/marsala or sweet wine (optional) Filling: 140 g jam or marmalade 1 tbs rum 1 tsp cocoa powder Tip: Keep the butter […]

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Letterpress Workers Journal

Circle Square Triangle – Modular Printing

The first quarter of the twentieth century witnessed an artistic revolution without equal in the history of art. Looking specifically at the works generated in the few years leading up to the First World War, the principles of modern art, architecture and design then established impact upon the manner in which we experience, approach and […]

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Sergei in the news

Sergei on Dutch national tv

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Faszination Holzletter

Wood type has always had its own appeal in the world of letterpress printing. Unfortunately, there are hardly any publications on German wood type.

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TIPO catalog

Almost three years after the TIPO meeting took place in the Azores islands, after a pandemic and several setbacks, the book about the meeting was finally published. An edition to remember the first meeting, in 2019, until the second one takes place. Portuguese/English bilingual edition. More information about TIPO:

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