(subject to change)

Thursday 8 September, 18.30

Types & shapes
Lpworkers present themselves and their work.
Short stories of printshops, projects and typographic explorations.

Friday 9 September, 18.30

The Sense of Typeface
Presentation of MGF Sans font and C-A-S-T, the foundry that distributes it.

Saturday 10 September, 11 a.m.

Typographical Mystery Tour
A guided tour to learn about typography and have a chat with the printers.
Lucio Passerini


Leoncavallo Spa
via Watteau, 7 Milano

Visitors are welcome Thursday to Friday 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
There will be a small bookstore selling prints, books and so on.

LPW is organised in collaboration with Museo della stampa e stampa d’arte in Lodi.




  • Belgium: Dimitri Runkkari, Niels Govaerts
  • Estonia: Hannah Harkes
  • France: Guillaume Bétemps
  • Germany: Julienne Jattiot, Marc Berger, Thomas Siemon
  • Italy: Claudio Madella, Lucio Passerini, Simone Giorgio, Paolo Cabrini, Paolo Celotto, Giulia Poli, Luigi Lanfossi, Fabrizio Falcone, Marco Brunello
  • Japan: Mitsunobu Hosoyama, Haruka Nagaike
  • Netherlands: Sander Pinkse, Anne Marie Koper, Eva Lebens, Rozemarijn Oudejans, Tiny Risselada
  • Norway: Anna Robinson
  • Poland: Aleksandra Stępień
  • Slovenia: Marko Drpić
  • Spain: Matthias Beck
  • UK: Becky Howson, Carl Middleton, John Christopher, Luise Valentiner, Mark Pavey, Richard Lawrence
  • USA: Myrna Keliher, Rick Griffith