Justin Knopp veteran


Ink flowing through my veins!

Colchester, United Kingdom


How long have you been printing?

I first experienced letterpress printing in 1992 and I've had ink flowing through my veins ever since!

Describe your first encounter with letterpress

My first encounter with letterpress was spending two days in the letterpress room at my art college (Central Saint Martins). It was a 1950s time capsule deep down in the bowels of the building. I quickly became fascinated by the creative potential of the process and by the ingenious machines employed to make it all happen.

Where did you learn?

Initially at Central Saint Martins (College of Art & Design) and my skills developed while on a week-long course with Alan Kitching in 1992. This was followed by twenty years of self tuition – learning the hard way!

Who was your most influential teacher?

H. N. Werkman although we never met!

What super power would you like to have?

To be able to fit even more printing presses and type into my workshop!

Do you prefer to work alone or with others?


What do you most value in your friends?

Honesty and integrity.

When do your best ideas occur to you?

Usually in the shower – or sometimes on the toilet or while cycling…

If you were to die and come back as a typeface, which would it be?

Bazuto. Definitely.

What tool do you use more often than any other?

I wish I could say the setting stick but the truth is an iPhone :(

What books are currently on your nightstand?

Beastings by Benjamin Myers and Printing on the Iron Handpress by Richard-Gabriel Rummonds.

If you could study with any printer throughout history, who would it be?

H. N. Werkman.

If you have your own shop, what equipment do you own?

My letterpress workshop comprises of eight printing presses (Albion, Columbian, Gietz, 2× Farley, Heidelberg, Wharfedale & Model No.2), approximately 200 cases of wood type and nearing 600 cases of metal type.

If you could change one thing about your shop, what would it be?

It needs to be much bigger!

When and where are you the happiest?

Amongst friends and on holiday with my wife and children and anywhere mountainous.

What is your greatest fear/worry?

Losing my children and after that losing my eyesight.

What do you think is useful about what you make?

The letterpress cards that I design and print convey greetings and I hope they are used spread good wishes and love.

What’s your day job?

Letterpress printing and I'm also a firefighter...

Do you use any other techniques or media besides letterpress?